A one day conference at The Leeds Library, 19 March 2016

Following the success of, M.R. James and the Modern Ghost Story, held at in March 2015, we are excited to announce a second one-day conference bringing together researchers with an interest in James’s fiction, assessing the significance of James’s ghost stories from a range of theoretical, literary and historical perspectives.

The ghost stories of Montague Rhodes James (1862-1936) are amongst the most influential in the English language. Never out of print, they have been adapted numerous times for stage, screen and other media and their formal and thematic features have come to embody the very model of the traditional English ghost story. Although widely read and tremendously influential, his stories have only recently begun to attract detailed academic attention. Haunted Studies will bring together researchers, writers and others with an interest in James, in order to promote discussion and analysis of these tales and their place in late-Victorian and Edwardian literature and culture, from a wide variety of perspectives.

Confirmed Keynotes:

The conference is organised by Dr Dewi Evans and Jane Mainley-Piddock and hosted by the Leeds Library.  Follow along at #mezzotweet

Registration for the conference will open in January 2016. Please see our Call for Papers for details of how to participate.

7 thoughts on “A one day conference at The Leeds Library, 19 March 2016”

  1. Rachel Hughes said:

    Would you contact me when tickets are available – thank you


  2. Hi folks – are there any updates re. this event? Will we be able to book tickets in advance?



  3. Mike Calvert said:

    HI Guys. I thoroughly enjoyed the MR James conference at The Leeds Library in March 2015. Are there any plans for one during 2016?


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